Photography Workshops for Children in the School Holidays

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

I have over 30 years experience of working with children on adventure camps, holiday clubs and activity days. Now I want to use that experience and my photographic knowledge to enthuse children to get out there and enhance their own skills with a camera.

Looking back on my own start in photography as a teenager, when we used film cameras, and every shot was precious and made us wait until we could see the results a week later, I wonder how different things may have been had I had access to what we have available today?

With digital photography, people tend to hit the delete button when a shot does not turn out as they hoped. But those unwanted photos can help us to improve if we take a moment to look and think WHY it is not a good photo, and HOW we can take the shot again and improve it. There are a few skills that can be employed to ensure you have less 'rejects' and more 'keepers', and we can help your children to achieve this.

On our Children’s Photography Workshop, I will be assisted by my wife, Jo (so you actually get two instructors for the price of one)! We request that your child be accompanied by either yourself or your own designated responsible adult. That adult may well learn a few things too, so in effect you’re getting two instructors for the price of one, AND two participants for the price of one. What’s not to like?

It gets better. We will have a break part way through the session to go to the café and review the group’s progress (bring some money for a drink and a snack), and then head out for the final photo experience. I will also send a PDF via email as a recap of what the course covered, and I am happy to answer any questions for those who want to go even further with their photography.

Go to the Photography Workshop tab to find out more, or click this link:

Oh and by the way, the price includes a £3 donation to the local Wildlife Trust!

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