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Make your business photos stand out!

If your online photos are letting you down then my 'Business Photography Workshop' could be just what you need! There could be many reasons why you are not getting the results you want, and I can help you resolve those problems.


I want to help small businesses like yours to enhance your own photography for your social media/website images, just as I did in 2021.

During that year I was a photography consultant on a government funded scheme where I helped 26 small businesses to improve their own photography. 

The participants got 2 tailor made online sessions with me where we worked together on the problems they faced when trying to get the images they needed of their products, properties and people in their business. 

Some of them have kept in touch and regularly post amazing shots of their stuff which gives me a real buzz knowing that I helped them to get to that place.

So now I'm offering this service to you with the option of online, in person or a combination. If your online photos are letting you down because you're struggling with camera or phone settings, lighting, angles, composition, editing, photo selection, knowing what equipment you actually need - any of those things, then my help could be just what you need.


For just £299 you will get my tuition, expertise, input, follow up and feedback and very often a lot of laughs along the way!


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